Er, Dory’s not really lost in the first Finding Dory trailer

The Finding Nemo sequel is finally giving us a look at what to expect – but it's a bit confusing

The first trailer for the long-awaited Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory is here, and the most interesting thing about it (apart from the fact that Nemo hasn’t aged much in 12 years) is that forgetful regal tang Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) isn’t missing at all.


Despite the slightly ominous poster where she’s hardly seen, the first footage seems to paint the film as more of a journey alongside her clown fish pals Marlin and Nemo as they seek out her family. 

So what gives – is Dory her family name, and they’re looking for the Dory clan? Or is it more metaphorical, and she’s finding herself through their journey like a 90s student on a gap year?

We’ll have to wait until 2016 to find out for sure, but we do know one thing – Nemo seriously needs to go see a marine biologist or something about his eternal youth. He should be a fish pensioner by now, right?


Finding Dory will be released in 2016