Do these new Doctor Who Sleep No More pictures hint at Clara’s fate?

Please, don't have nightmares...

This series of Doctor Who has an elegiac quality – it’s almost like the Doctor is saying a long goodbye to his companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), even if neither actually say it.


Considering that, you might think the Time Lord would stop putting her in danger like, say, hooking her up to a mad scientist’s crazy invention.

A few things could be happening in this picture. Clara could be attending a rave in an abandoned Borg cube. She could be going into yet another virtual environment a la The Asylum of the Daleks and last week’s The Zygon Inversion. (At this point she out-Neos Neo.) Or she should be trying out the ‘Morpheus’ machine, which apparently allows a user to function for a month without sleep.

(We just use Diet Coke and ProPlus.)

Also in the batch of images released by the BBC today are Reece Shearsmith’s character, the inventor of the machine; a bunch of soldiers wearing GoPro cameras on their helmets like they’re Sk8tr-bois (the entire episode is shot from their points of view); and the new monster, who looks like a clumpy Sandman out to claim the 40 winks that are rightfully his.