David Tennant is like a evil version of the Doctor in new Jessica Jones footage

And it's hurting our Doctor Who memories

We were barely getting over the trauma of seeing former Tenth Doctor David Tennant go all sleazy and evil in the first trailer for superhero series Jessica Jones, but now he’s done it again – and it’s ruining our Doctor Who memories even more.


In this new trailer Tennant’s mind-controlling Kilgrave continues to menace superhero-turned PI Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), making people jump off buildings, point guns and their heads and the like, all while goofing around in a fancy suit just like our Time Lord hero.

David Tennant loves hanging out in open-plan offices, whether it’s in Jessica Jones (left) or Doctor Who in 2008 (right)

I mean, look at this office-based foolery (above)– it’s like they’re TRYING to upset us. At this rate, we may not be emotionally stable enough to watch every episode of Jessica Jones the requisite seven times.


Jessica Jones will be available for streaming on the 20th November