7 Christmas gifts for 007 fans

We know what James Bond is getting for Christmas



The key to a successful mission: research your target.

Because what’s the point of defying death if you can’t show off about it afterwards? The Hero4 Session is tiny and waterproof, perfect for surviving an avalanche/spilt martini.


You will never race a gadget-laden Aston Martin DB10 through midnight Rome, but we think this modern update to Scalextric is even better. After building your track, the cars stay on the road using their own AI, rather than skiting off at every corner as in the old days.  That leaves you free to maneuverer from lane to lane and fire your onboard weapons using your smartphone. Toy or not, it’s amazing technology. Just try and bring it back in one piece, 007.

The martinis at Dukes hotel in London are worth the hangover. Bond’s predilection for martinis is said to have been inspired by the hours Ian Fleming spent at Dukes. Take their weekly class for a license to thrill your tastebuds.

You’re going to need something to drink those martinis. The long stems are pleasingly dainty.

Bond is a clothes horse – of all Q’s gadgets, he values his Corgi trouser press the most– but we reckon these slope-ready specs outshine even Daniel Craig’s dapper white tuxedo.


Totally Dench.