Neighbours: Sheila hits Ben with her car – and the identity of the Erinsborough High arsonist is revealed

16-20 November 2015: Plus Steph hears music from nowhere and worries that she is losing her sanity

Monday 16 November


Lauren worries when a remorseful Brad spends more time helping Terese. When Karl blasts Sheila for overdoing it, she reluctantly admits her guilt over leaving Toadie for dead in the fire. Mark is torn when Imogen shows him a photograph of Aaron at the school and fears that his brother may have lit the fire. 

Tuesday 17 November

The Brennan brothers fall out when Tyler learns that Mark tried to protect Aaron from the police, followed by Aaronʼs discovery that the other two plan to buy a house. Lauren cannot help but worry for her relationship when Brad spends more time bonding with Terese and the kids. After a fun night out with Toadie, Steph hears faint music playing from nowhere. 

Wednesday 18 November

Brad promises to be Tereseʼs primary carer after she is rushed back in to hospital. Steph breaks up with Belinda when she finds her snooping through her bag to check that she is still taking her medication. Jealous of Kyle and Shay, Amy has a drunken night out, but things go too far when she wakes up in Tylerʼs bed.

Thursday 19 November

Amy wrestles with the consequences of her behaviour. Paul is forced to give Hilary a platform to speak, but she stonewalls him and refuses to listen to his plans. Determined to help Sonya and Toadie, Sheila pushes herself too far and brings on a serious health episode, with disastrous consequences. 


Friday 20 November

Sheila is horrified when she hits Ben with her car, and a furious Karl tells her to face up to the source of her stress. Ben admits to Susan that he started the school fire. Amy is torn over whether to report Paul when she discovers that he stole the school petition. News of Chris and Lucyʼs baby hits Nate hard.