Home and Away: Tank and Evelyn get close, while John is heartbroken when Marilyn asks to see Don Fisher

16-20 November 2015: Plus Phoebeʼs grief over losing the baby pushes her to tell Kyle a home truth

Monday 16 November


Phoebe and Kyle struggle to manage their pregnancy expectations. When Marilyn asks Nate to get in touch with her ex-husband Don Fisher, John worries that he might be losing her forever. Nate returns to work after his suspension but his ego suffers a blow when he realises that James will be supervising him. 

Tuesday 17 November

Phoebe and Kyle return home after losing the baby. Ash and Kyle get into a fight when Kyle accuses Ash of wanting to terminate the pregnancy all along. Phoebe later stuns Kyle when she tells him that he bullied her into having a baby and if it was up to her she would not have kept it. Maddy and Roo move out of Alfʼs house and in with James, but Maddy becomes suspicious when she finds a second phone in the kitchen drawer. 

Wednesday 18 November

Maddyʼs first shift at Angeloʼs goes awry when a drunken Kyle tries to kiss her. Phoebe is stunned when she overhears Ash telling Ricky that he would not have enjoyed sharing Phoebe and the baby with Kyle. Charlotte breaks into Dennyʼs place to find her social media passwords, but when Chris suddenly arrives she is forced to hide. 

Thursday 19 November

Marilynʼs doctor discharges her from hospital, but when John arrives to pick her up she tells him she is going home with Irene. Marilyn overhears Chris telling Irene that John cannot cope with being shut out. Evelyn and Tank share an intimate moment on the beach. Charlotte writes a social media update as Denny, telling her friends she is in London. 


Friday 20 November

Marilyn pretends that she remembers John, but Irene is not fooled by the charade and forces Marilyn to admit the truth. Evelyn tells Maddy that she and Tank had unprotected sex. Tank asks Evelyn to meet his friends, but when she enters his place she is confronted with a rough group of guys watching football and drinking beer.