Coronation Street: Gail discovers David and Kylie’s killer secret? Watch the full scene!

See Gail walking in on a fraught conversation at the Platt house

Is Gail about to find out that Kylie killed Callum Logan? Well, it certainly looks that way as this clip from tonight’s Corrie double bill highlights.


Prior to the cliffhanger, Gail will be seen excitedly making plans for her party to show off her new annexe. But Kylie tells David she can’t bring herself to attend as they’ll literally be dancing on Callum’s grave.

David implores her to get a grip, but convinced she can smell Callum’s rotting corpse, Kylie sniffs the annexe carpet. David tells her she’s imagining things, pointing out that if they hadn’t buried Callum’s body, she’d now be serving a prison sentence.

Having caught the tail end of the conversation, Gail’s shocked! Just what has she overheard?

You can watch Gail’s killer cliffhanger below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Coronation Street.


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