Peter Capaldi thinks Osgood would make a good Doctor Who companion

The cast of the Zygon Inversion ponder the future of the Doctor’s greatest fan

It’s the question on everybody’s lips (including ours): will Ingrid Oliver’s Doctor super-fan Osgood ever get to travel in the Tardis? And could she be the one to take over from the departing Jenna Coleman as companion?


Last night’s episode made it seem like she wouldn’t ever join the Doctor in his adventures, but we shouldn’t lose hope just yet. A new video from the Doctor Who cast and crew makes pretty clear that a lot of them think she’d be a great addition to the time-travelling gang (even if she might be a Zygon).


Would Osgood make a good companion?

Do you think Osgood would make a good companion for the Doctor? Here's what the cast think..

Posted by Doctor Who on Sunday, November 8, 2015

To quote Peter Capaldi: “I think she would make a good companion, yeah. I think she’d probably give the Doctor a run for his money in terms of sussing things out.

“But perhaps she likes the idea of it a little too much…”


Only one way to find out – let’s get this #OsgoodForCompanion campaign rolling.