Lady Mary channels Star Wars on her Downton Abbey wedding day

The Force is strong with this one...


Here’s Lady Mary on the morning of her wedding to Henry Talbot in the series finale of Downton Abbey. 


Here’s Princess Leia on a planet called Yavin IV. Notice any similarities?

White draped dress? Check. Solemn expression? Check. Iconic Princess Leia buns? Well, Mary’s trendy ‘do doesn’t exactly accommodate the famous cinnamon rolls, but you’ve got to admit she looks rather like a Star Wars cosplayer dressing up to queue for the cinema. 

So we did the obvious thing and photoshopped the two together.

It wouldn’t be the first time Downton Abbey has paid homage to Star Wars. Earlier this year, Rob James-Collier (who plays butler Thomas) masterminded Downton Wars: The Evil Butler Strikes Back to raise money for his London Marathon.


Released in two parts, the spoof featured members of the ITV period drama’s cast, including Maggie Smith, who wields a lightsaber in full Downton garb during one of the sketches…