Do not look at this first image from Doctor Who’s Sleep No More

"You can never unsee it"


Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are trying really hard to make us not watch next week’s ‘found footage’ episode of Doctor Who.


First there was that freaky ‘Next time’ trailer featuring Reece Shearsmith telling us, “You must not watch this. You can never unsee it.” Which you can not watch below.

Now we have this early image release from episode Sleep No More, with the Doctor and Clara staring straight into our video-distorted eyes.

Nope, not at all interested in what’s going to happen here…

Here’s looking at you Clara

Sleep No More, episode nine of Doctor Who series nine, is written by Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss, and features his League of Gentlemen co-star Reece Shearsmith (who also appeared in Gatiss’s Who docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time).

The episode will also feature comedian and actress Bethany Black, Doctor Who’s first ever transgender actress. you might recognise her from Russell T Davies’s E4 comedy drama Banana.


“Now to sit back and wait until The Mail realises the BBC have cast an open trans lesbian in a family show,” she posted on Facebook when the news broke.