Patrick Ness has written a “gross and evil and disgusting” scene for Doctor Who spin-off Class

The author has been busy writing the new spin-off and says he loves this particular scene

“Gross”, “evil” and “disgusting” are adjectives we could use to describe many a Doctor Who villain so it’s little wonder that they’re also popping up in Doctor Who spin-off Class.


Writer Patrick Ness took to Twitter last night – after having an exclusive chat with – to reveal that he’s penned a new scene for the show that is all of the above. And he absolutely adores it.

Ness has been discovering just how easy it is to ‘troll’ fans and ridiculously speculative writers (yeah, about that K-9 storyline…) with false hints about what’s to come in the new series online.

But he’s also learning how difficult it is to keep the whole thing a secret.

There is one thing we know for sure, though: “The main character is someone brand-new,” Ness told “There’s lots and lots and lots of brand new. 

“Because that’s what I want to see. I want to see somebody come up with something new. Lots and lots of brand new.” He’s staying tight lipped on the possibility of a Peter Capaldi cameo, but he’s rather looking forward to what’s to come.

And he’s even created a new hashtag for the show – with good reason.


You stay #ClassDW-y, Doctor Who fandom.