Five fascinating film and TV facts #92

From Mr Bean as the Doctor to Monty Python's space adventures...



Tom Baker, David Tennant… Mr Bean?! In 1999 a four-episode special of Doctor Who was made for Red Nose Day, featuring a number of stars appearing as the Doctor, including Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley.

Turn it up! This is Spinal Tap follows its own set of rules when it comes to IMDB ratings. The film site currently scores the film 8.0/11 (instead of 10) in homage to the famous scene, in which Nigel Tufnel explains that his amplifiers go up to 11, to give them “that extra push over the cliff”.

The stars of Strictly Come Dancing are no strangers to the world of pop. Presenter Tess Daly has starred in two Duran Duran videos, while judge Bruno Tonioli makes an appearance in the video for Elton’s John’s I’m Still Standing.

If you stacked up all the boxes ever opened on every episode of Deal or No Deal you could make 31 towers each the size of the Empire State Building.


The Monty Python team’s fame has spread far and wide – including to outer space. An asteroid discovered in 1997 by two Czech astronomers was named 13681 Monty Python in honour of the comedy team, while Elon Musk (the inspiration for Marvel’s Tony Stark) launched a wheel of cheese into orbit and returned it to earth in 2010 as a tribute to the Pythons.