David Tennant is properly purple in new Jessica Jones pictures

The Doctor Who star is cranking up the violet in the superhero Netflix series

When the news was first announced that David Tennant was playing the famously purple-skinned supervillain The Purple Man (aka Kilgrave), we got pretty excited, to the point of mocking up a picture of the erstwhile Doctor as the comic-book baddie (see below). In hindsight, we were a bit keen. 


However, since then it’s become clear that Tennant’s mind-controlling villain is going to be, well, pretty normal-looking but with a small penchant for violent violet through purple clothing.  We know – sort of disappointing.

David Tennant as the comic-book Purple Man

But now a few new pictures for the Netflix superhero series have popped up and we’re happy to see that Tennant is more purple than ever thanks to some nifty lighting– he’s not quite got the skin yet, but it’s definitely heading towards the mauve menace we were expecting.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing him get an all-over plum-shaded spray tan by series end. Then we’ll really know the superhero genre is going through its purple patch.

You can see some more new pictures from the series in the gallery below



Marvel’s Jessica Jones will be available on Netflix from 20th November