Could Lego Movie 2 feature Doctor Who?

Will everything be awesome in time and space? Director Rob Schrab says he's "talking to the BBC"


He’s popped up in Lego Dimensions and will get his own Lego set later this year but could The Doctor make everything awesome by landing a role in the Lego Movie sequel?


Well, director Rob Schrab has certainly hinted as much.

The man behind The Lego Movie 2 was guesting on Community creator Dan Harmon’s podcast, Harmontown, when he began dropping hints about what was to come in the sequel.

After spending quite a while spinning an elaborate tale about Will Ferrell, some woodlands and a flat tyre, Schrab dropped a pretty major bombshell: “For real, I’m talking to the BBC on Thursday”, he said.

“About what?” the podcast hosts queried. “Oh I don’t know…” Schrab jokingly replied. “Wait, what do you mean like, what?” the hosts continued. “There’s a certain character that the BBC owns, and they’re asking we would it be possible if…” began Schrab before he was interrupted.

“Doctor Who?” they then asked – Harmon’s clearly a fan, given that he co-created the Who-esque Rick and Morty. Schrab opted to “Mmmmmmmm” in reply. It’s not exactly a wild guess, given that The Doctor has only recently been immortalised in plastic brick.

“You only do fancy eyebrow lifting if there’s a Doctor Who character…” the hosts argued. “Mmmm I don’t know what you’re talking about”, laughed Schrab. “That’s a crazy leak that you just leaked” the presenters pointed out. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the director maintained.

“He just told us the first 26 pages of the movie!”, the Harmontown hosts cleverly countered. “Yeah, do you know how sued I’m gonna get?”

If you thought the intro to Doctor Who Lego Dimensions was mind-blowing, imagine how awesome a Doctor cameo in the new film would be?


After being approached by BBC Worldwide declined to comment.