We’ve made our own Apprentice rhyme to sum up tonight’s episode

After the candidates presented rhyming children's books to Lord Sugar, we put pen to paper to offer our own boardroom-themed lyrics...

Make a book for children was tonight’s new test


Time for literature-loving Sam Curry to show he’s best.

But Mr Curry,

Was in no hurry

His team’s book taking forever.

Luckily his team said never, say never!

On Charleine’s team Richard found things rather tricky,

His project manager being somewhat picky.

“Give the phone to David, give the phone to David!” she said

His own ideas constantly being put to bed.

Their bee story may have been swishing and swooping,

But team moral was really drooping.

Yet sales came in the nick of time,

A quick deal made before the final bell could chime.

So Charleine and her bees were happy,

Sam and his Snottydink creators left feeling crappy.

In the boardroom Sam was a little chatty with what he had to say,

More animated than he’d been all day.

But there was one word left for Natalie, and it wasn’t hired

Lord Sugar pointing his finger and confirming: “You’re fired”


The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9:00pm on BBC1