Trailer for Amazon’s first film takes us to Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq

"I will deny all rights of access or entrance"


Internet video has changed everything about the film and TV industries, but even still, we never could have guessed that Amazon’s first original movie would be…well, just watch.


Yes, Chi-Raq is a remake of the Lysistrata which, you’ll remember from school, is the Aristophanes comedy about the women of Greece withholding sex until the menfolk stop having wars. (Thinking about it, what a weird play to teach in school.)


Director Spike Lee has moved the action to modern Chicago, and it works surprisingly well. Teyonah Paris (Dear White People) plays Lysistrata, with co-stars Samuel L Jackson, Nick Cannon and Jennifer Hudson. The film will be released on Amazon Video and at a limited run of theatres on 4th December.