Did you spot the Five Doctors in Doctor Who’s Zygon Invasion?

Peter Capaldi's Twelve wasn't the only Time Lord who popped up in the episode...

There were two Claras, two Osgoods and quite possibly two Kates in Doctor Who’s Zygon Invasion, but did you realise there were FIVE(ish) Doctors?


David Tennant’s Ten, Matt Smith’s Eleven and John Hurt’s War Doctor all popped up in the flashback to The Day of The Doctor as the episode opened, so that’s your first three.

And then obviously Peter Capaldi’s Twelve lead the episode, making four.

But then William Hartnell’s First Doctor popped up in the UNIT safe house as number five. Did you spot his portrait on the wall?

Ok, so it’s more like The Five(ish) Doctors…. but five(ish) were good enough for Peter Davison, eh?


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