Daniel Radcliffe and Anne Hathaway join cast of The Modern Ocean

Line-up announced for Shane Carruth's latest film

Daniel Radcliffe and Anne Hathaway are taking to the seas in The Modern Ocean, the latest from indie filmmaker Shane Carruth.


Radcliffe and Hathaway join a cast including Keanu Reeves, Chlose Grace Moretz, Tom Holland, Asa Butterfield and Jeff Goldblum. The Modern Ocean is set in the high stakes world of shipping routes, with fierce rivalries developing over the lucrative market.

Carruth, who will also act in the film, is known for his low-budget, subdued, mind bending sci-fi films Primer and Upstream Colour, both of which have become cult favourites. However, The Modern Ocean is understood to have a higher budget and have more of a focus on adventure. 


“I’m constantly interested in the politics, interactions between different personalities, different characters,” Carruth explained, “it erupts into a big action film, essentially, but the reasons why it does are the reasons the story exists.”