BBC programmes will remain on Amazon and Netflix despite BBC Store launch

Corporation insist that its new BBC Store offers a different model to the streaming services and that shows like Doctor Who and River will still be available on rival services

BBC shows on streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix will remain available despite the launch of new service BBC Store.


BBC Worldwide’s managing director Marcus Arthur said that their place on the rival services would not be under threat because the business models are different.

He said: “BBC Store is not a subscription service. It is about opening up the archive. For me they are separate markets. BBC Store is about buy-to keep.”

This means that shows like Doctor Who – which can be watched on Netflix – and BBC1 dramas River and Doctor Foster which are available on Amazon Prime will remain.

BBC Store launched today allowing people in the UK to purchase thousands of hours of favourite shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock and David Attenborough documentaries.


Around 7,000 hours are already available from today and the BBC hope to have 10,000 hours of programming available to buy via the BBC Store web-site by the end of the year.