Move over Doctor, Clara’s got her own blue box now

Is Clara turning into the Doctor? Is she about to open the Osgood box? Is it bigger on the inside?!


First there was that episode where she took over the opening sequence, then we noticed that Clara had started dressing like the Doctor and now she’s gone and got herself a blue box of her own…


Is this the latest piece of evidence that Clara is turning into the Doctor?

Well no, probably not, because based on what we learned last week, the chances are that’s not actually Clara in this new picture from Saturday’s episode The Zygon Inversion but an alien shapeshifter copy.

And that box, despite its possibly Gallifreyan markings, looks less like the TARDIS and more like the dreaded Osgood box, the one the Doctor(s) left behind last time the Zygons visited Earth, to be opened only as “the last resort”.

Of course that still doesn’t explain why the box has changed colour; it definitely started out red. Does that mean it’s one step closer to being activated (whatever that might mean)? What could possibly in there anyway? Nothing much bigger than a pekinese would fit. Unless, of course, it’s bigger on the inside…


Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion is on Saturday 7th November at 8pm on BBC1