Has Osgood stolen the Doctor’s Sonic Sunglasses?

Has the Doctor Who superfan struck again...?


First she nicked his multi-coloured scarf, then his question mark shirt, and finally his bow-tie – it was only a matter of time before Osgood stole the Doctor’s Sonic Sunglasses too.


Of course the shades in these new pictures from Saturday’s episode The Zygon Inversion could just be ordinary sunglasses, with nothing more than the ability to keep bright light from hurting your eyes (and possibly to make you look a little bit cooler). Then again, Osgood does look like she’s manipulating them in a very similar way to the Doctor when he’s doing something impressively Sonic with them.

If she has borrowed them, Osgood wouldn’t be the only one keen to get their hands on the Doctor’s wearable tech – except most fans just want them so they can stamp on them then throw them in the bin…


Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion is on Saturday 7th November at 8pm on BBC1