Dakota Blue Richards would “so love to be a part” of new His Dark Materials BBC adaptation

The actress made her debut playing lead character Lyra in the 2007 film when she was just 13 years old – and she's told author Philip Pullman she'd like to return

Dakota Blue Richards made her acting debut in the original movie adaptation of His Dark Materials. Now she says she wants to return to author Philip Pullman’s world.


The Skins actress was just 13 years old when she starred as Lyra in The Golden Compass in 2007. Almost eight years on, the BBC have announced they are planning to adapt Pullman’s trilogy of books – and Blue Richards wants to be a part of it.

Her acting career has gathered speed since appearing alongside Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in the movie, from featuring in Channel 4’s Skins to securing a regular role in ITV’s upcoming series of Endeavour.

But she clearly still has a soft spot for the stories, tweeting author Pullman to say that she “would so love to be a part” of the new BBC adaptation.

Pullman, to his credit, is open to the idea, saying on Twitter that it “would be nice” to see his original star involved again.

Make no mistake, Blue Richards is a true fan: in an interview in 2007, she revealed that she “fell in love” with Lyra when she read Northern Lights.

“I read the books and fell in love with Lyra,” she said, “and especially when I saw the play at the National Theatre. After that, I just thought if I could be any character in the world, I’d like to be Lyra.


“I really couldn’t believe it when I got the part from the open auditions – I’d never done any acting before! When Chris [Weitz, the director] called and told me, I did a Snoopy dance around the room.”