What is the best Downton Abbey quote of all time?

From the Dowager Countess' razor-sharp retorts to Carson's words of wisdom...

Downton Abbey is well known for its one-liners. Since season one we’ve been quoting the Dowager Countess’s witty words, Lady Mary’s withering put-downs and Carson’s wisdom. Now the period drama is coming to an end and it’s got us thinking: what is the best ever Downton Abbey quote?


Is it “Wh-what is a weekend?”, “I’m going upstairs to take off my hat” or “I’m not a lady and I don’t pretend to be?”

How about “Sympathy butters no parsnips” and “No one wants to kiss a girl in black”?

We’ve come up with a shortlist of our favourites, but feel free to add to it if we’ve missed yours…


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What is your favourite quote?