Mitchell and Webb: Doctor Who fans still ask us for autographs

"Fans come along with pictures of robots that they want you to sign," reveal the Peep Show stars

David Mitchell and Robert Webb may have made their names in the cult Channel 4 comedy Peep Show, but it’s not the well-loved sitcom that draws the fans but their one-off appearance on a certain sci-fi show in which they didn’t even show their faces…


“Doctor Who fans come along with pictures of robots that they want you to sign,” Webb told the new edition of Radio Times.

“It doubles the amount of time it takes me to get out of a stage door when I’m doing a [theatre] show.”

The pair starred in the 2012 episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship as two villainous, if comic robots, and Webb recalls that their voices weren’t entirely to Mitchell’s liking: “I did mine camp knowing how much it would annoy David, as he’d have to do the same thing.”

Despite Webb’s ribbing, the two remain firm friends, something they both put down to their love of the ‘boring’ life. In a nostalgic interview Webb remembers that even in Peep Show’s early days, “we were both the kind of people who wanted to go to the kind of pub where you get to have a sit down.” 

And fans will be pleased to hear that it doesn’t look like anything will change soon. “We want to be the old farts sitting around on BBC2 and Channel 4 getting in the way of younger comedians,” said Webb.

However, one thing they are leaving behind forever is the sitcom that earned them their big break. The pair confirmed that the upcoming ninth series of Peep Show (11th November, 10pm, C4), which sees Mark and Jeremy approaching their 40th birthdays, will indeed be the last.

“I think it will be very sad,” says Mitchell.

“It’s a heck of a thing ‘cause we’ve done it for 12 years,” agrees Webb, adding that he is “gutted” that the show is coming to an end.

But while we may have seen the last of the “El Dude Brothers”, it seems the duo will be staying on our screens for a few more years at least. And that is something that should please everyone, Doctor Who fans included.


Read the full interview with David Mitchell and Robert Webb in this week’s Radio Times, available in shops from Tuesday 3rd November and from Apple Newsstand