Harrison Ford just did an entire interview dressed as a hot dog



Yes, you read that right. Harrison Ford really did do an entire interview dressed as a hotdog. Why, you ask? Halloween, of course – and with endless interviews about Star Wars no doubt blocking up his schedule, who could blame him for mixing it up a bit?


The actor – aka Han Solo – was being grilled by chat show host Jimmy Kimmel (himself dressed as a bearded Princess Leia) about The Force Awakens but remained tight-lipped when it came to any plot spoilers. Although he did offer one tantalising hint…

Dressed in a maroon leotard, giant hotdog casing and a dog’s snout, Ford teased that there “wasn’t room” for co-star Mark Hamill in the promotional materials, but added “there’s a very good reason” for Luke Skywalker’s conspicuous absence from all trailers and posters. Ooh-er.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released in UK cinemas on 17th December