Torchwood and Broadchurch stars appear in an exclusive clip from a terrifying new adaptation of The Ring

Listen to an extract from Japanese horror at its creepiest in a Radio 4 Halloween play starring Eve Myles, Matthew Gravelle and Naoko Mori...

You’ve probably seen The Ring (either the Japanese original or the American remake), but this Halloween Broadchurch stars Eve Myles and Matthew Gravelle will star in a Radio 4 adaptation of the classic novel on which those movies are based.


The drama will air at 11pm as part of Radio 4’s Fright Night and also features Akira Koieyama (Rush) and Naoko Mori, who starred alongside Myles in Torchwood.

The story centres around British journalist Mitchell Hooper, who lives in Tokyo with his wife Toni. When he begins investigating the mysterious deaths of four teenagers, he discovers a disturbing secret. They all died after watching the same video tape.

When Mitchell watches the tape himself, he is cursed to die in seven days. And so as the countdown to death begins, he must solve the riddle of the curse…

Have a listen here (and be glad you probably don’t own a VHS player anymore…)


A second drama, The Stone Tape, will also air on the same night at 10pm and features The Hour’s Romola Garai, Green Wing’s Julian Rhind-Tutt and The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt. Based on the 1972 TV horror, the play is about a group of scientists who begin to realise that their work has disturbed something deeply sinister hidden beneath their new laboratory…