First Dates’ Georgia and Alex finally get their chance – but will it live up to expectations?

The duo feel the pressure tonight as they go on a date that seems written in the stars...


Cupid gets his own way this week, as Georgia and Alex finally have their much-hyped date. Last week, the pair met while Georgia was waiting for a guy who never showed up. They clearly liked each other but Alex was quickly whisked away for his date with Heather. It was frustrating for all involved…


But thankfully, it wasn’t over for the duo because this week they’re on a proper date with each other. In tonight’s episode, they are clearly nervous, with Georgia saying that she needs to let her guard down, to “be less of a porcupine, be less prickly” – and remember that some men are actually nice…

Alex reveals to us that he thought Georgia was out of his league when he met her last week, but that he’d told his friends about “the girl at the bar.”

So we’ll leave you to assess the chemistry for yourself but you’ll be glad to know that it’s certainly not a disaster. 


The crucial question is, of course, will it be magical enough to warrant a second date?