This could be the closest you’ll ever get to attending Hogwarts

Two role playing companies are creating a four-day Harry Potter-themed event in America but you'll have to move fast to get your hands on a Hogwarts letter

We’ve all been there, hovering near our front doors, hoping to finally get our hands on a Hogwarts letter. It’s never arrived – but instead of moping around like Moaning Myrtle, now’s our chance to take matters into our own hands.


That’s because live action role playing groups Liveform and Rollespilsfabrikken have created an event called New World Magischola, a real-life Hogwarts experience. Think robes, wands, classes, houses – the whole shebang – during a four-day event to be held in America next June.

At a soon-to-be-announced location with “a castle-like feel”, participants will play first, second or third-year students or professors, and will be selected for one of five houses, each with their own traditions and founders. Once there, they’ll have the choice of following one of five scholarly paths: Cryptozoology, Healing, Artificery, Cursebreaking or the Path of the Marshall, and live the life of a wizard in a magical world, encountering “magical creatures, villains, and perhaps traitors in your midst.” 

If you ask us it sounds like more fun than a wild Friday night in the Hog’s Head downing fire whiskey.


Of course, there are a few catches. Capacity is limited, with just 80 tickets to be released on the event’s Kickstarter page in early-mid November. They’ll be priced at a lofty $375 (that’s £245, plus flights if you’re travelling from the UK), although the package is all-inclusive. More tickets are expected to be released, but the limit is 160 so you’d better move faster than a Firebolt if you want to receive a coveted letter.