Let’s all relive this magical moment between Emma Watson and a young fan dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween

On the streets of New York, something rather marvellous happened...


Emma Watson has shedloads of fans around the world. She’s no doubt used to people coming up to her on a daily basis, asking for photos and autographs, so you could forgive the Harry Potter actress for sometimes wishing she could stroll down the street incognito.


Except Emma Watson isn’t any old celebrity, as proven by this magical moment with a fan in New York a few years ago. 

Strolling down the street, the actress reportedly spotted a young boy dressed up as Harry Potter, sporting Hogwarts robes, plus the boy wizard’s glasses and famous lightning scar. He also had a wand and clutched an awesome pumpkin bag to collect all his treats. “Excuse me, are you Harry Potter”? she asked him, to which he mumbled “yes”.

Walking through New York during Halloween, Emma Watson saw a young boy dressed up as Harry Potter. She asked him, “…

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Watson then proceeded to hug the boy and pose for this adorable photo, telling him, “that’s great, because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re best of friends!” 


Taken several years ago, the picture is doing the rounds again on social media as Halloween approaches and we all marvel at just how enchanting Emma Watson is when it comes to her young fans.