Jeremy Corbyn’s new Shadow Minister for Mental Health to show Professor Green’s BBC3 suicide documentary in Parliament

Luciana Berger will host a screening of the “really powerful” and “very brave” film, Professor Green: Suicide And Me, in which the rapper explores his father's death and the epidemic of suicide among UK men

In a BBC3 documentary show on Tuesday night, Stephen Manderson, better know as rapper Professor Green, went on an emotional journey to uncover why his father had taken his own life, and to raise awareness of the shocking statistic that suicide is the UK’s biggest killer of men under 45.


The response to Professor Green: Suicide And Me was overwhelmingly positive, with viewers on Twitter calling it “powerful”, “moving” and “important” and praising it for starting a much needed conversation about a taboo subject.

Among those impressed by the film was Luciana Berger, the MP appointed in September by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to the newly-created role of Shadow Minister for Mental Health.

Ms Berger was also in the audience at a panel session following the launch of the film earlier this month – where she described it as “really powerful” and “very brave” – and is now in the process of organising a parliamentary screening of it to ensure that as many MPs as possible get to see it.

“It’s an issue that she takes extremely seriously,” a spokesperson at Ms Berger’s office told “Hers is a new role and it’s important to be as proactive as possible.

“She is keen to raise awareness of this issue and Professor Green’s film is a great example of how TV can do this and help us break down taboos.”

A date for the screening has yet to be set but it is expected to be followed by a debate including key figures from the world of mental health advocacy.


Professor Green: Suicide and Me is a film by Antidote Productions and Globe Productions for BBC3