Peter Capaldi celebrated his birthday while filming Doctor Who by trying to throw cake at Maisie Williams

Who ever said you couldn't have a nice time working on your birthday?

We’re not sure exactly which birthday Peter Capaldi celebrated during the filming of Doctor Who this year (his 2001st, maybe?), but it certainly looks like he had a lovely time on set.


The Woman Who Lived – Happy Birthday Peter!

Watch the moment when the Doctor Who cast and crew gave Peter a very special surprise for his birthday while on the set of 'The Woman Who Lived'.

Posted by Doctor Who on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Presented with a personalised chair (in Tardis-blue of course) and a birthday cake while on set for The Woman Who Lived, the 57-year-old actor thanked the crew before promptly trying to hurl said cake at co-star Maisie Williams, aka The Girl Who (got) Pied.

We have to say, though, we’re not sure about the venue for the mini-party – standing on top of the gallows is bound to make you very aware of your increasing mortality on a birthday, even if you are a Time Lord…


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