Is Clara starting to dress like the Doctor?

Is the Time Lord's sartorial style rubbing off on his companion?

Button-down white shirt, trim black jacket with lapels, a hint of red (lipstick instead of a lining) – is it just us or is Clara starting to dress like the Doctor?


She’s certainly been growing in confidence recently, and now has that take-charge air about her whenever she walks into a room. Add to that her newfound sartorial style (revealed in teaser pics for Saturday’s episode The Zygon Invasion) and it seems like someone’s rubbing off on her.

It makes us think back to that series-eight episode Flatline where the Doctor was mostly absent (stuck inside a miniaturised TARDIS) and Clara had to step into his shoes. Jenna Coleman even got her face on the opening credits instead of Peter Capaldi.


Rigsy, who became Clara’s companion for that episode, will be back in episode ten. Maybe we’ll see the return of Doctor Clara then too…