Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens joins Anne Hathaway in movie described as “Godzilla meets Being John Malkovich”

We always knew the aristocracy were secretly teaming up with giant lizards

You may remember that Anne Hathaway is set to star in a film (directed by a man named after a crisp) that’s described as half Being John Malkovich and half Godzilla, about a woman who gets dumped only to find herself telepathically connected to a giant lizard terrorizing Asia.


No? Doesn’t stand out in your memory? Well, this classic boy-meets-girl-meets-200-ft-lizard story (which is called Colossal) has added a new cast member, according to Variety – Dan Stevens, best known for using women as sticks and driving too quickly round corners in ITV’s Downton Abbey.

Apparently Stevens will play Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend who later tries to win her back, though really his involvement just makes us pine for a Downton finale where the Dowager Countess battles off a collection of Kaiju monsters with a few waspish put-downs. Carson would probably raise both eyebrows at that one.


Colossal will be in cinemas in 2016, and in our hearts forever