Who is Spencer and Ollie’s new love interest on Made in Chelsea?

South African model Emma Walsh seems to have the Chelsea top dog up to his old tricks...

There’s a new woman on the Chelsea scene – and it looks like she’ll be causing some tension between unlikely love rivals Spencer Matthews and Ollie Locke. While Spencer has had plenty of wars over women with Jamie, Ollie may well prove a new challenge…


In the trailer for next week’s Made in Chelsea, Ollie reveals he’s been spending some time with a new Chelsea female, Emma Walsh.

He looks over at the South African model and says to Binky, “I’m not quite sure how I managed to do that…” which suggests they’re not totally in the friend zone. We don’t know how serious things are, but it’s clear Ollie fancies her.

But then Spencer meets Ollie’s love interest at a dinner party (where all the best MIC scandals happen), and introduces himself with that grin he always employs for women he wants to seduce…

He asks Emma about her and Ollie. “I got the impression you two were…” he says, to which she shrugs and replies, “we’re hanging out.” 

Hanging out? Ouch. That’s probably not what Ollie wanted to hear.

But Mr Locke isn’t giving up without a fight. “How’s Lauren?” he asks pointedly across the dinner table, evidently trying to shame Spencer out of flirting with a new woman when he already has a girlfriend. Or at least he had one at this point. According to rumours, Spencer and Lauren broke up after he was spotted kissing… Emma. In public.

Ah, it’s all starting to make sense now.

A riled Ollie takes a massive gulp of his wine and whispers to Binky, “although he’s a pig, he’s not going to try and f*** her immediately…”.

Yeah, you might be wrong there, Ollie…


 Made in Chelsea continues next week at 9pm on E4