Was Jekyll and Hyde too scary to be on TV at 6:30pm?

Twitter users have been debating whether ITV's new version of the Robert Louis Stephenson novel was too scary for Sunday's early evening time slot

Last night Charlie Higson’s new version of Jekyll and Hyde hit ITV, and it was full of 1930s style, conspiracy, superheroics and Tom Bateman working some guyliner.


However, it was also stocked with a few scary moments (including a family apparently burned in their home and a creepy dog-monster) that had some viewers questioning the series’ pre-watershed 6.30pm time slot on Twitter.

Head writer Charlie Higson (of the Fast Show fame) soon took to Twitter to mock the outrage and defend the programme’s relatively early showing.

And he wasn’t alone in his opinion – a lot of people thought the episode’s content was completely suitable for the time slot, and dismissed the concerns of their fellow viewers.

So what do you think? Would Jekyll and Hyde have suited a later time slot better, or is all this fuss over nothing? Vote now.


Jekyll and Hyde returns to ITV next Sunday at 7.00pm