Sara Cox on The Great Pottery Throw Down: We don’t need Bake Off’s puns – but the Ghost of Patrick Swayze is always there

There's nothing funny about a load of people dealing with cracks and rims, no siree

Anyone suffering from Bake Off withdrawal will find plenty to love in The Great Pottery Throw Down, which is full of familiarly nice people desperately tending ovens for a panel of experts (and is produced by Love Productions, the same company that made Bake Off such a success). 


However, there will apparently be one striking difference between the two series – a complete lack of the saucy innuendoes expertly delivered by Bake Off presenters Mel & Sue. What, has no pot ever had a soggy bottom?

“You don’t need to add puns in if you’re discussing making pottery, because you’re already talking about cracks and rims,” presenter Sara Cox tells the latest issue of Radio Times.

“I got so used to chatting about somebody’s rim on the show that I just wouldn’t laugh at that sort of humour, or make a thing of it. And obviously kids are watching as well, so you don’t really need to do any of that.”

Though the Radio 2 DJ admits one slightly saucy elephant in the room can’t be ignored – Patrick Swayze’s supernatural 1990 movie Ghost, which saw a sensual scene set at a potters’ wheel.

“Yes, Ghost is kind of there in the show,” Cox says. “When you use the potter’s wheel it can be quite physical.

“Well, quite phallic-looking. So we definitely don’t need to add anything to that.”

Sorry, what was that? We just glazed over there for a second…

The Great Pottery Throw Down begins on BBC2 next Tuesday (3rd November) at 9.00pm


Read the full interview with Sara Cox in the new issue of Radio Times, on sale from Tuesday in shops and on the newsstand