Neighbours: a fire engulfs Erinsborough High, putting lives at risk

2-6 November 2015: Terese is crushed because Brad chose to save Lauren before her. Amber gives birth to a baby girl and reconnects with Josh

Monday 2 November


Belinda warns Toadie that Steph is more fragile than she seems. Ben makes a sudden return to Ramsay Street. Susan and Brad are thrilled at the support they have received to save the school, but when a fire breaks out in Susanʼs office, it is clear that whoever wants it to close is deadly serious. 

Tuesday 3 November

Tyler and Paige are trapped in a lift with the cables threatening to snap at any moment. Toadie is stuck in a stairwell and is forced to abandon his chair, but help is at hand when Sheila sees his predicament, or is it? Amberʼs waters break and she goes into labour. Brad is faced with an impossible choice. 

Wednesday 4 November

Sonya and an unexpected saviour drag Toadie to safety. Amber tells Josh that if it becomes a matter of choice between her and the baby, the baby comes first. Terese suffers serious burns and will need skin grafts. Markʼs reaction to freeing Tyler and Paige from the lift prompts Tyler to makes a decision. 

Thursday 5 November

Amber gives birth to a girl and reconnects with Josh. Terese tells Lauren that she is willing to keep Bradʼs actions at the school to herself for the sake of their new granddaughter. Karl and Daniel clash over Danielʼs poor management of Off Air. Sheila invites Amy and Jimmy to move in with her. 


Friday 6 November

Kyle accuses Amy of making bad decisions when she decides to overlook Paulʼs attempt to pay off Liam. Daniel is humiliated when Paul tells him that there is no chance that he will loan him money. Mark learns from Sonya that Toadie had explicitly asked Steph to return to the hospital on the night of the fire, and he suspect that she may have been involved.