From Hell, Quantum of Solace, Planet of the Apes: films on TV today

Johnny's after Jack, Bond's in the vengeance zone, and Charlton Heston has his hands full with some "damn, dirty apes": the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today




From Hell ★★★★
11.00pm-1.25am 5★ 

Another take on the dastardly doings of Jack the Ripper. (Where would the movies be without old Jack?) Johnny Depp, sporting a decent cockney accent, stars as an opium-addicted police inspector with psychic powers and Robbie Coltrane as his loyal assistant. Plus Ian Holm as the Queen’s  surgeon and Heather Graham as a toothsome tart. The setting: a dark, dangerous, exciting London where the gap between rich and poor is nearly as wide as it is today and there’s a debauched, rotten core at the heart of the strait-laced Victorian Establishment. Practically everyone, from the Royal Family to the Freemasons, comes under suspicion as Jack does his stuff and Depp tries to peer into his mind. An enjoyable, well-acted romp.

Quantum of Solace ★★★
8.55-11.05pm ITV2 

New Bond extravaganza Spectre is in cinemas from today so to get you in the mood, here’s Daniel Craig’s second punchy’s appearance as 007 who’s out for revenge after the events of Casino Royale.

Planet of the Apes ★★★★★
1.35-3.50pm Film Four 

If you only know the recent Apes blockbusters, then check out the classic 1967 original with Charlton Heston. Situations don’t come much hairier.

The Whistle Blower ★★★
3.20-5.30pm Movies4Men 

Ex-soldier Michael Caine is plunged into Tinker, Tailor territory when he goes after a mole (and the murderer of his son) in this solid spy thriller.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ★★★
6.15-9.00pm Film Four 


Michael Douglas returns as ruthless wheeler dealer Gordon “Greed Is Good” Gekko who’s now a new man after years in prison. That’s what you think? Carey Mulligan (as Gekko’s daughter) and Shia La Beouf (as a young trader) are on hand to witness the “transformation”.