Will Mycroft and Moriarty return for Sherlock’s Victorian special and series four?

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss answer the fans' questions

With (at last!) an airdate and title for the Sherlock Victorian special, and (praise the lord!) confirmation that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have started writing series four.


Now it’s time to start nailing down details, and what better opportunity than the Sherlock panel at MCM Comic-Con? First, will we see Mycroft in Victorian attire next January?

Mark Gatiss: “I think there’s a fair chance.”

Will they use this alternate-history version to bring back Mycroft?

Gatiss: “Of course we could do anything we liked, but it’s [already] the definition of a special, a huge Christmas treat. We’ve done some reintroductions about nine times anyway, so we called a halt to them.” 

That’s a no. Later Steven Moffat, who is clearly paranoid after years of helming two of the most heavily protected shows on television, thought a fan was trying to trick him with a question about Moriarty returning in series four.

Moffat: “I noticed you sneaking ‘Moriarty’s coming back’ [into your question] so you can say we didn’t deny it.”

“Moriarty shot himself dead on a rooftop in front of the most intelligent man in the universe. He can’t be coming back because he’s dead.”

Gatiss: “…or can he?” 


Well that’s cleared that up then.