Sherlock special UK cinema tickets go on sale very soon…

Tickets to screenings of the Victorian special will be available to buy on November 2nd


Last week, revealed that the long-awaited one-off Sherlock special is to form part of a ‘global cinema event’, with screenings in countries around the world. Today, the show’s producers confirmed that the UK will, unsurprisingly, be part of the event and that tickets will be available very soon…


“It will be shown in cinemas – the Picture House and some Odeons – and tickets will go on sale November 2nd,” Sherlock producer Sue Vertue told an audience at London ComicCon on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Vertue’s husband Steven Moffat and fellow Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss had more good news for fans, finally sharing the air date and title of the one-off Victorian-themed episode

Here’s a taster of what the special will look like in all it’s big (or small) screen glory…