Neighbours wishes Hollyoaks a happy 20th anniversary – but is Karl Kennedy the REAL Gloved Hand Killer?

Actor Alan Fletcher puts his character in the frame in a new video

Hollyoaks fans may be under the impression that Lindsey Butterfield is the Gloved Hand Killer, but should they be rethinking their ideas?


A special birthday message sent by Neighbours to mark Hollyoaks’s 20th anniversary puts Erinsborough medic Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) in the frame. Has he been travelling over from Australia on a regular basis to violate the Hippocratic Oath and indulge in a spot of homicide?

And there we were thinking that the miraculous resurrection of Freddie Roscoe was going to be the biggest twist of the week.

The well wishes from the Neighbours gang come following a greeting from BBC1 soap EastEnders that also referenced the long-running Hollyoaks murder mystery. That gloved hand sure does get around…

 You can watch the Neighbours video message below.