Into the Badlands and Lucifer follow Outlander to Amazon Prime UK

The streaming service will host the American genre shows from this November

Two big American genre shows will be shown exclusively on Amazon Prime in the UK. Revealed exclusively at MCM London Comic Con, Into the Badlands will premiere on November 17th, while Lucifer will be shown in a couple of months.


Into the Badlands is a hyperactive, visceral martial arts series loosely based on the Chinese legend Into the West. It will premiere on the UK version of Amazon Prime on November 17th, with new episodes every week, closely following its showing on AMC in the States.

Also revealed at Comic-Con is an exclusive deal to show Lucifer, a detective show starring the devil himself. Based on the version of the character created in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, and executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, it sees Tom Ellis’s silver tongued Prince of Lies assist the police with grisly supernatural murders. An Amazon spokesperson described the show as “still a couple of months away”, and it’s not set to premiere on Fox in America until next year.


The move by Amazon Prime UK follows their success in bringing other cult genre shows to the UK, including the time travelling Jacobean romance Outlander.