20 actors who’ve crossed over between Doctor Who and Game of Thrones

Think you've seen them before? Here are 20 actors who've made the move between Westeros and the Whoniverse

We’ve all had the feeling. Huddled in front of the telly, enjoying watching our favourite time-traveller / sword-wielding star, when suddenly a face pops up that seems strangely familiar. We then spend the rest of the episode wracking our brains, trying desperately to think where we’ve seen them before.


Sound familiar? Well, have no fear – the Radio Times is here to solve your Who/Thrones conundrums. For your viewing pleasure, meet the people who have had a foot in both Winterfell and the Whoniverse…

Masie Williams

Thrones: Arya Stark. As the youngest daughter of Ned and Catelyn, Williams rejects the ladylike lifestyle embraced by her sister and becomes an expert swordster. After confronting the Hound, Arya dedicates herself to getting revenge on those who have wronged her family.

Who: Ashildr. Williams channels her inner Stark as young Viking girl. How Arya would have reacted to finding herself on a spaceship, though, we’re not sure! Ashildr eventually ends up becoming immortal, something that would come in handy in the cut-throat world of Westeros.

And another thing… Incredibly enough, Thrones was Williams’ first-ever major TV appearance. It hasn’t held her back though: she has several major awards to her name, including Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Television Series at the Saturn Awards

Paul Kaye

Thrones: Thoros of Myr. The Red Priest found himself high on Arya Stark’s kill list after selling Gendry to Melisandre. Lucky thing, then, that their paths aren’t set to cross in the Whoniverse… Although his power to bring pal Beric back from the dead six times isn’t miles away from regeneration.

Who: Albar Prentis. You probably spotted him in Under The Lake and Before The Flood. While taking the Fisher King through space and time to his final place of rest, Prentis met his maker at the hands of the giant monster instead. May the remorse be with you… as his business cards said.

And another thing… It’s only Dennis Pennis!

David Bradley

Thrones: Walder Frey. The Lord of the Crossing and owner of the most fruitful loins in Westeros, Frey organised the massacre of half the Stark clan during the infamous Red Wedding, after Robb Stark rejected one of his many daughters in favour of Talisa Maegyr. Well people are touchy about their kids, aren’t they?

Who: Solomon (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship). A murderous 24th century pirate trapped aboard a crashing spaceship full of dinosaurs – don’t you hate it when that happens? – Solomon was blown up by the Eleventh Doctor during one of his ‘no mercy’ moods.

And another thing… Bradley was utterly fabulous as a crabby but vulnerable William Hartnell in Mark Gatiss’s An Adventure in Space and Time.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thrones: Jojen Reed. A skinchanger with the ability to enter the mind of animals, Jojen is a serious, wise beyond his years sort who pledges to help Bran Stark defeat the forces of evil.

Who: Tim Latimer (Human Nature / The Family of Blood). A schoolboy with the ability to enter the mind of a Time Lord (via a fob watch), Tim is a serious, wise beyond his years sort who pledges to help the Doctor defeat the forces of evil.

And another thing… A tabloid newspaper recently ran pictures of Brodie-Sangster at an airport, pointing out to their readers that the cute kid from Love, Actually is now all grown-up. Thanks, we wondered what had happened to him – turns out he’s spent the last few years keeping a low profile in the world’s biggest TV show.

Liam Cunningham

Thrones: Davos Seaworth. A former smuggler, Davos was knighted by Stannis Baratheon for his service to the cause, but also had his fingers chopped off as punishment for his criminal past. Talk about a mixed message.

Who: Captain Zhukov (Cold War). Zhukov was the captain of a crippled Soviet submarine whose problems included an imminent nuclear catastrophe, an Ice Warrior picking off members of his crew, and a science officer who wouldn’t stop singing Ultravox’s Vienna.


And another thing… Cunningham came this close to being the Eighth Doctor. Producer Philip Seagal was on the verge of casting him in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, until Paul McGann emerged as the preferred choice.

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