Ricky Wilson thought he’d been kicked off Bring the Noise before it even started

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman heard singers Nicole Scherzinger and Tinie Tempah had been lined up for Sky 1’s new music panel show and thought his role had gone…

Ricky Wilson is the host of Sky1’s brand new music panel show Bring the Noise, but the Kaiser Chiefs frontman actually thought he’d been booted off the series before it even started.


“When they first contacted me I thought they were asking me to be a guest,” Wilson told Radio Times. “Guest changed to being one of the captains. Then I heard it was going to be Nicole [Scherzinger] and Tinie [Tempah] being the captains and I thought that was it, I was out of the frame.”

Thankfully it was better news for the singer and The Voice coach. “I found out it was because they wanted me to host it. Maybe I just kept being good at the interviews…” he laughed.

“When I was asked to do it I said ‘yes, I’d love to be on that’ – even just on it as a guest. Then they’re saying to host it and I was like, ‘You’ve got faith in me to host it?!’

But Wilson thinks having someone who’s never hosted before will help the panel show as it starts out. 

“I’m still Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs, but there hasn’t been a new host in a long time, which is a weird thing to say, but you don’t want to recycle. I think they thought when this show starts they don’t want people to go, ‘Oh, X or Y is presenting this show, I know what it is. It’s weird as we almost want to start the show with people not knowing what they’re going to be watching.” 

What we’ll be watching, Wilson says, is something of a return to shows like TFI Friday.

“I was really lucky to go and watch them do TFI Friday. Watching Chris Evans and Danny Baker make TV together was just amazing. How they did it, it was seamless and off the cuff. It was brilliant. I would give my right arm to have that ability. But there’s a lot of people wanting to bring that kind of TV back and to do that you have to throw yourself into it. You can’t mess around and teeter on the outskirts of it: you have to throw yourself in. I feel like we’re doing that.”

For a taste of Wilson throwing himself in, check out this clip of him and David Tennant recreating Elton John and Kiki Dee’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


Bring the Noise starts tonight at 9:00pm on Sky 1