Ex-Apprentice candidate Daniel Lassman is NOT happy about the toy boat bought on last night’s episode

If he wasn’t allowed a paper skeleton last year, how did they get away with this?

Last night’s Apprentice saw the boys’ team win the iconic “buying task”, with their final items including a toy dinghy as a cheap alternative to the proper one named on their shopping list. But one ex-candidate is a little peeved that Lord Sugar let them get away with it.


As you may recall, Daniel Lassman (who came third last year) was on the losing team in series 10’s version of the challenge, with his group taken to task for trying to use a cheaper paper skeleton than the one listed in the briefing notes. Lassman certainly remembered it…

And he was less than pleased when he saw this year’s crop get away with the sort of tomfoolery that got his team-mate Felipe sacked. Ooh-er.

We’re calling it. To undo this terrible wrong, Lord Sugar needs to let Felipe back into this year’s process. It’s time to bring about #JusticeForFelipe and an apology for #skeletongate, and there’s no bones about it. 


The Apprentice returns next Wednesday