Amanda Abbington on appearing in Doctor Who: “Moffat probably wants me to be the first female Doctor”

The star of Sherlock talks about the moment she got the role of Mary Morstan in Sherlock, and a potential move into the Tardis

Amanda Abbington already stars in one Steven Moffat megahit (that would be Sherlock) but now she has her eyes on another prize.


“Yeah, I’m still trying to get in there,” she told the Independent. “You’d think I would with Steven Moffat as my mate, but yes, I’d love to be in Doctor Who – he’s got to put me in it.”

“He probably wants me to be the first female Doctor, that’s what I imagine, that’s why he’s holding back,” she continued, although she may have been joking.

She also remembered the moment Moffat and Mark Gatiss asked her to co-star with her husband Martin Freeman in Sherlock.

“I thought they were saying, ‘Who do you recommend?’ And I was going to say ‘I don’t know… maybe Olivia Colman, or Nicola Walker, who’s one of my favourites’… And they said, ‘No, we want you to do it.”

“I remember crying and getting very emotional, They said, ‘You know Martin better than anybody and you’ve worked with each other before; we know you’ve got a nice chemistry so they’ll be nice shorthand there.'”


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