Which is the better trailer – Star Wars The Force Awakens or the original 1977 advert?

That's great JJ, but don't get cocky

We’re having an argument in the office. One of our writers says that the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is a fan-pleasing spectacle, but doesn’t actually do its job: convince people to go to the cinema.


Of course, we all told him to shut his heathen mouth, but he does have a point: nothing about the film is explained, and all of the pay-offs rely on having watched Episodes 1-6 endlessly. Imagine you’re not already a Star Wars fan. Would it make you want to watch?

Perhaps it should be more descriptive, like, say, the advert for the original 1977 movie.

What’s the film about? “A big sprawling space saga of rebellion and romance.” Who does it star? “A boy, a girl…and a universe.” True, it manages to make Star Wars ominous and boring, but you know exactly what you’re getting.


What do you think?