Sherlock’s Andrew Scott taunts Harry Potter actor Ralph Fiennes in new Spectre clip

New James Bond film will see two of Britain's most villainous character actors face off – and it's not going to end well

It’s spymaster v spymaster as Andrew Scott and Ralph Fiennes face off in the latest clip from Spectre.


First shown on The One Show, the actor best known for playing Moriarty in Sherlock is seen wielding the axe as Bond character Max Denbigh over the double-O programme, putting M out of a job. Bureaucracy – more lethal than a Walther PPK.

There’s more than a touch of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy about the whole situation, what with two rival intelligence services vying for the prime minister’s affections, and those delightful RP accents masking rising fury. “You’re a cocky little bastard,” Fiennes tells Scott at one point. Not even Voldemort would use that kind of language.


Expect things to get less cultured when Spectre is released on Monday 26th October.