6 pieces of evidence that suggest Back to the Future’s Doc Brown is a secret Time Lord

How long has Doc Brown really been around town?

He travels through space and time in an unassuming vehicle that appears completely normal to the average human, often with a companion in tow.


He stresses that you can’t mess about with time because you might just change the future. And he’s often derided by others because he appears to be a little bit quirky.

Who is he?

Back To The Future’s very own Doc Brown. Although, he could be the Doctor, right? Well, that’s what fans think anyway. They believe that their beloved inventor is actually a Time Lord and they’ve gone to great lengths to explain their theory.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

1. He’s got a large collection of clocks

And that’s because he’s subconsciously trying to get his Chameleon Arch-style pocket watch back, isn’t it?

Some fans believe so. They think Doc Brown landed on earth and popped his Time Lord consciousness inside a fob watch for some reason or other.

He then possibly forgot it was important and sold it off or lost it, and so he’s now accumulating time pieces in an effort to find it again.

2. He knows how to build a time machine

How on earth did Doc come up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor? It was rattling around inside his head thanks to his forgotten past, say the fans.

They argue that he landed on earth in 1955, lost his Tardis and his memory, then got a knock to the head that helped him remember the basic functionality of the Gallifreyan time travel vehicle.

The idea of the Flux Capacitor then popped into his head and the rest, as they say, is history. Or is it the future?

3. He never seems to work alone

The Doctor sometimes travels through space and time by himself but more often than not he’s found working with a companion and that’s exactly what Doc Brown does too.

Marty’s dragged into his hair brained schemes, often finding himself in sticky situations thanks to the machinations of a mad scientist. Sound familiar?

4. He’s also got an ageless enemy…

Have you noticed that Principal Strickland – who spends his time trying to keep Marty away from Doc Brown – doesn’t age between 1955 and 1985? Some say he MUST be The Master.

Wonder what Missy would make of that?

5. A resourceful time travelling canine companion…

Both Einstein and K-9 have been known to go to great lengths for their master.

6. And he does end up travelling with a bright and brilliant teacher called Clara

Some believe the duo’s children, Jules, Verne and Martin, were among the first Time Lords born on earth.

And they’ve even gone as far as to suggest that Doc and Clara founded a secret society of Earth-based time travellers too, with Indiana Jones and James Bond among their descendants.


Could the Doc be one of the Doctor’s own? Or is it all just wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff?