Is this the Doctor’s new Sonic Screwdriver?

Are those sunglasses actually Sonic? And if not could this new retro device from the upcoming episode be a hastily cobbled together new 'Screwdriver'...?

There’s been no sign of the Sonic Screwdriver since the Doctor chucked it to the young Davros on a Skaro battlefield (and possibly set off a chain of events that led to the creation of the Daleks and the destruction of half the galaxy in the Time War. But everyone makes mistakes).


Since then, the Doctor’s been enjoying his new “wearable tech”, the Sonic Sunglasses – even if Doctor Who fans haven’t necessarily felt the same way. There were cheers from many when they got snapped in half by fake Odin in The Girl Who Died and no doubt there will be boos when viewers see the Doctor wearing his shades again in Saturday’s episode The Woman Who Lived.

But are those actually Sonic sunglasses he’s wearing indoors in the shot above? Maybe they’re simply a fashion statement from the rock ‘n’ roll Doctor. And if so, could the intriguing gadget below be his latest attempt at a Sonic, perhaps hurriedly cobbled together, hence the less than slimline design…?

The device, featuring what looks like a triple array of lenses along with various levers and flashing lights, appears in new pictures from this Saturday’s episode and we quite like its chunky, kind of steampunk look – even if it would most definitely spoil the line of the Doctor’s jacket…


Doctor Who: The Woman Who Lived is on Saturday 24th October at 8:20pm on BBC1